kats playgroundI miss writing just for fun. I miss letting an idea or an image grab me by the ear and whisper, “Write about me right now. Sit down and scratch something out!” And then, in a soft seductive voice she always adds, “You know you want to. You know how good it makes you feel . . .”

I’ve been ignoring that whisper too long because I’ve been consumed with my work on Unshakable Self-Compassion, the ebook and the course. This work has such depth and is so rewarding that I didn’t realize how much I missed the thrill of letting an idea whisk me away to another world.

Then today I took a photograph that cried out to me when I tried to turn off the camera: “Hey, don’t leave me here. Give me the life I deserve. You know you want to write about me. YOU KNOW HOW GOOD IT MAKES YOU FEEL.”

Then it hit me. I am writing about Self-Compassion. I’m writing about Self-Kindness. I’m writing about letting go of perfectionism and being so driven you don’t take time to have a little fun. And what am I doing? The opposite.

This KatTansey website has been languishing for months, waiting for me to give it a make-over. And now I seriously needed to write this little piece. And I needed a place to put it. Nothing fancy, just a place where I can have a little fun, because I deserve it.

So here we are. The first piece about The Big Wind is actually one I scratched out some time ago and never finished. When she saw me heading toward the new Grasshopper piece, she shouted, “Hey, what about me! I’ve been stuck here for ages. Start with me. YOU KNOW HOW GOOD IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL.”

And she was right . . .